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Let's open! It's already a reality...

As I told you in my previous publication, the road has been long... but everything comes. At last!I can't express to you the mix of feelings I have right now: Nerves, happiness, creativity... But above all I feel "tranquility.

Peace of mind because if it has cost so much it is because of wanting to do things right from the beginning, for wanting to follow all the procedures correctly, for wanting to comply with all the rules, for wanting Vivavins to be a safe place, as well as beautiful and where we feel comfortable and at ease.

We open for Christmas. Shopping season, going out with friends and not stopping!

I apologize, my dear “wine lover”, if we make any mistakes at the beginning or if you miss something. Vivavins is made with a lot of love and with a great desire to learn and improve. Let's do it together! Feel free to come and tell me your suggestions and improvements.This will be part of our Journey, a journey to “Leave the world better than we found it” (Baden Powell)

Do you dare to travel with me?

Well come on! Don't think about it anymore!

Mark yourself, as they say in my land, a "Pensat & Fet"

I'll wait for you!



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