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MG Distilleries

Degree:43% vol.

Volume: 70 cl glass bottle.

Pack Gin Le Tribute + Le Tribute Tonic Water

VAT Included
  • Juniper: We select and hand pick the best ripe juniper berries from the rural property of the Giró family in Teruel.

    Lemongrass: After months of trying to extract essential oils from citronella, we found that the best option was to distill the herbs with water, instead of alcohol.

    Orange and lemon: We use two types of oranges from Valencia and lemons from Seville that we macerate together, guaranteeing a perfectly balanced distillate that combines perfectly with the rest of the botanical ingredients of our gin.

    Grapefruits: We use three types of grapefruit that combine perfectly to obtain a balance of bitter-sweet flavor resulting in a fresher liquid.

    Kumquat: Citrus fruit, native to China, which provides acidity as well as freshness.

    Mandarin: From the Mediterranean coast, the sweet touch.

    Lime: The queen of freshness to round off the fresh flavor of gin.

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